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Our Profile

K&C is an implementation-oriented strategy and organization consultancy with offices in Frankfurt and Vienna. Since the founding in 1994, we have partnered with companies and organizations in demanding transformational processes.

Our systemic and comprehensive approach enables innovative, customized and accepted solutions. Thus entrepreneurial goals can be achieved even under complex conditions.

Depending on the project design, we carry out different consulting roles: we work with consulting teams on-site or support our clients as sparring partners, coaches or facilitators. As the project progresses, the consultant may retreat in certain stages to give the organization enhanced responsibility and to save costs.

Our trust-based customer relationship is our capital. We commit to results-oriented consulting and tangible improvements for our clients.

Focal Points

Our focus is on transformation, change, innovation and competence management, as well as corporate governance, organizational development and performance improvement.


K&C creates solutions by combining analytical and systemic competencies. In doing so, we combine the latest state-of-the-art findings with our own experience acquired over many decades.


Together with our clients, we define value-creating strategies for what has to be changed – without losing sight of proven achievements. With a specific approach, developed on our own, we secure implementation and sustainability.

Focus – Our mission

What do strategy and organizational development mean at K&C? In addition to developing visionary and innovative targets and strategies to overcome our clients’ challenges, we also bridge the gap between strategy and implementation by significantly involving the client’s organization in the development and change process.

Our goal is to harness the full innovation potential by uniting all relevant perspectives from top to bottom, in addition to achieving a clear and future-oriented decision-making process: both managers and employees feel equally responsible for achieving the defined goals!

Together with our customers, we not only develop the right strategies but also secure the proof of concept to illustrate the success of the newly chosen path. The aim is to translate ideas and concepts into effective pilots in a swift, pragmatic and realistic manner, thus anchoring the selected solutions sustainably.

The K&C values, K&C Balanced Change™ approach and LCS Leadership Model™ shape the foundation for all our consulting services.

Our Service Portfolio

Success demands that the defined strategies and projects yield noticeable results. Therefore, in addition to developing refined strategies, we also accompany our clients in the phases of execution and implementation. Together with our clients, we observe and reflect on the impact of the selected initiatives and correct the course if necessary.

A strategy is only valuable when clearly formulated, well communicated to employees and thus, understood and accepted. The initiatives, that we design and implement based on the needs of our clients, ensure that strategies are lived throughout the entire organization instead of disappearing in the drawer.

Our References

As a result of our orientation and focus, K&C is engaged in various industries, such as mechanical engineering, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, technology, automotive, aviation, transport and logistics as well as the public sector. We provide services in German-speaking countries and internationally for conglomerates and medium-sized companies. Thanks to our long-term experience, we have valuable industry knowledge at our disposal in many sectors, which we are happy to provide to our customers. The transfer of industry-specific experience to other industries is increasingly recognized and valued by our customers.

Altana Pharma AG,
Konstanz (D)
Vamed Engineering GmbH,
Wien (A)
Altana Pharma AG,
Konstanz (D)
Austrian Airlines AG,
Wien (A)
Babcock Textil-Maschinen GmbH,
Seevetal (D)
Bank Austria AG,
Wien (A)
Degussa AG,
Frankfurt (D)
Degussa CEE GmbH,
Wien (A)
Deutsche Post AG,
Bonn (D)
Dr. Ing. h.c.F. Porsche AG,
Stuttgart (D)
Ebenseer Betonwerke GmbH,
Wien (A)
Fresenius AG,
Bad Homburg (D)
Fresenius Kabi AG,
Bad Homburg (D)
Fresenius Medical Care,
Miami (USA)
Fresenius Medical Care Columbia Ltda., Bogota (Kolumbien)
Fresenius ProServe GmbH,
Oberursel (D)
Freudenberg Co.,
Weinheim (D)
Horst Mosolf GmbH Co.,
Kirchheim/Teck (D)
Hospitalia International GmbH,
Bad Homburg (D)
Industriepark Wolfgang GmbH,
Hanau (D)
Infracor GmbH,
Hanau-Wolfgang (D)
Infusia a.s.,
Sadska (Tschechien)
Lancaster Steel Co. Inc.,
Miami (USA)
Maschinenfabrik Andritz AG,
Graz (A)
Motoren-Werke Mannheim AG,
Mannheim (D)
OeKB Österr. Kontrollbank AG,
Wien (A)
Österreichischer Rundfunk
(ORF), Wien (A)
Österreichische Post AG,
Wien (A)
Pharmaplan GmbH,
Bad Homburg (D)
Pharmaplan SARL,
Paris (F)
Pharmatec GmbH,
Dresden (D)
Rexel GmbH,
Hannover (D)
Rexim S.A.,
Paris (F)
Robert Bosch GmbH,
Crailshaim (D)
Röhm GmbH Co. KG,
Darmstadt (D)
Dortmund (D)
Sartorius AG,
Göttingen (D)
SBM Schoeller-Bleckmann Medizintechnik GmbH, Ternitz (A)
Schottel GmbH,
Spay (D)
Tarbuk AG,
Schwechat (A)
T-Mobile International AG,
Bonn (D)
ValiCor Inc.,
West Chester (USA)
Vamed Engineering GmbH,
Wien (A)
Altana Pharma AG,
Konstanz (D)
Vamed Engineering GmbH,
Wien (A)

Project Cases

We have selected a handful of examples from the hundreds of projects we have carried out in the last decades.

Project Case Finance

Establishing a Finance Community for a cross-organizational steering

of all finance departments within a global chemicals group with over 36,000 employees. The development of this efficient, powerful and flexible network supports the corporation in achieving its ambitious growth targets. K&C accompanied this project in concept development as well as in strategic and organizational aspects for six years. As part of this initiative, a comprehensive IT platform was introduced to reduce interface problems and information asymmetries. Moreover, it also enabled the network to communicate independently of space, time and location.

K&C Management

KREMSNER & CONSULTANTS is led by its two managing partners Dr. Michael Kremsner and Inna Linnik.

Dr. Michael Kremsner

Dr. Michael Kremsner
Mr. Kremsner is a chemical engineer and studied in Vienna and New York. After years of research in biotechnology and membrane separation, he worked as an Engagement Manager for McKinsey & Company before founding his own consulting firm in 1994.

Inna Linnik

Inna Linnik
Ms. Linnik studied psychology, sociology and pedagogy at the University of Koblenz. Parallel to her research on loosely coupled systems, she began her consulting career, focusing on organizational development and innovation from the beginning. She has been a partner at the K&C Frankfurt office since 2016.

Our employees and network partners have a wide range of educational and professional backgrounds. As a result of this wide range of experience and skills, K&C can cover a broad range of consulting services across all industries. We do not generate our knowledge and our successes single-handedly, but through close cooperation in an interdisciplinary team.


Our goal is to retain employees in our company long term. We offer all our employees the opportunity to further advance their competencies and contribute to the development of the company.
Are you a consultant with passion and conviction? Do you like working on different projects at the same time?

Do you value entrepreneurship, individuality, and excellence just as we do? Do you appreciate a working environment with direct communication channels? Are you driven to perform at your best and to have the highest expectations of your work?

We are always on the lookout for committed, talented and versatile individuals who would like to apply and develop their knowledge and skills with us. You can expect a highly motivated and collegial team of consultants, a professional working environment and an attractive remuneration and bonus package.

If you would like to become part of the K&C team, we look forward to receiving your application.

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