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Balanced Change™
The individual consulting approach of K&C

Our Consulting Approach

K&C draws on decades of experience with sophisticated transformation processes and thus has extensive expertise in comprehensive corporate management and leadership. K&C is exceptionally specialized in topics that require a combination of top-down and bottom-up elements, i.e. high degrees of leadership as well as effective organizational involvement.

New strategies and organizational developments lead to successful change when the pursued concepts are accepted by the organization.

Four elements distinguish the K&C consulting approach.

Leadership and Involvement

Senior management leadership with simultaneous involvement of middle management and key employees.

Sophisticated change processes require a clear direction from top management to generate solid momentum and emphasize relevance for the company. Goals and room to grow must be defined and communicated accordingly: leadership particularly entails communicating clearly. However, strong top-down leadership runs the risk of not integrating expert opinions into change processes – whether of a strategic, process-related or cultural nature. Successful transformation management, therefore, requires both strong leadership and a high degree of employee involvement to ensure the results are firmly anchored in the entire organization.

Resources and Competencies

Identification and utilization of the company’s existing resources and competencies, which involves a modest appearance of the consultant.

The knowledge, skills and experience of employees should be naturally integrated into transformations. Change is an organizational learning process that focuses on meaningful networking of internal resources and not on consultant intervention. It is essential that employees have the confidence that their skills are acknowledged and that they are an active part of the transformation process.

Organizational change often results in frustrated managers or key individuals leaving the company. That doesn’t have to be the case. With our transparent and well-founded approach as well as our proven change management, we ensure accepted and sustainable solutions.

Individuality and Dynamics

High flexibility in dealing with customer-specific requirements and expectations.

Above all, organizational development is based on the individuality of an organization. We do not pursue standard solutions that have already been implemented at our customers’ competitors. We seek entirely new ways to meet the specific customer needs and to help them remain competitive.

This requires a high degree of flexibility – particularly when it comes to change and innovation processes. The journey matters more than the destination. Innovation is a continuous, dynamic process. Those focused solely on the goal are unlikely to achieve sustainable change.

Structure and Creativity

Structured processes that provide space for creativity.

It is generally presumed that “structure” and “creativity” contradict each other. In practice, creative elements can notably flourish, if clear structures prevail.

Inadequate structures and standards often consume employees’ energy and strength so much that there is hardly any room left for creative work. Practical tools and structured processes are a good prerequisite for creating room for innovation and change.