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The K&C Values
Entrepreneurship. Individuality. Excellence.

Our Values

Our consulting philosophy places customers at the centre of both our thinking and actions by systematically integrating them into the problem-solving process. This way, we ensure that the solutions we develop together with our clients are sustainable and effective. Our values – entrepreneurship, individuality and excellence – play an essential role in this.


We do not see ourselves as pure analysts or strategists. We see ourselves as entrepreneurs. We approach our customers’ projects as if we would work for our own company. Results are our core focus.

We identify very strongly with and are committed to the tasks assigned to us. This accelerates the development of comprehensive and sustainable solutions. Our goal is to unleash entrepreneurial drive in the customer organization as well.

To achieve this, we pursue a comprehensive approach and apply methods that involve both management and employees alike while enabling them to work in an entrepreneurial and networked manner.


A deep understanding of our clients, their motivations and the specific market context form the basis of our consulting approach. Two individual companies are never identical: culture, history, employees and products are all unique.

When solving challenges in an individualized and entrepreneurial manner, it is best to avoid methodological beliefs and off-the-shelf concepts.

For the development of customized solutions, we take the problems, needs and goals of our clients and position them in an appropriate overall context. With our expertise to arrange and interpret cultural and strategic opportunities, we develop specific solutions for the respective customer needs.


At K&C, no project is ever the same! Our customers can expect top performance from our consulting team. Excellence is not just a technical or operational task: our goal is to develop solutions that set new standards at our customers.

To achieve this, we see it as one of our tasks to question the clients’ patterns of thinking and behaving – and not to reinforce them in their opinions.

Rather than concentrating on hierarchical aspects, we focus on solutions that make the company more successful. Passion, empathy and identification with our customers are elements, in which we base our understanding of excellence.